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Farmers Jam spreads joy with live music, local food, and planting fruit trees. Join the Jam Fam today to receive discounts, exclusive offerings, and to help us plant more fruit trees!

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Full members get free tickets to our shows, a jar of jam every month, deep discounts on our jams, merchandise, and other offerings, access to our exclusive content and secret store in the Member Portal, plus a free t-shirt or tank top for joining.


Most importantly, you'll be helping us plant fruit trees on local farms!

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Supporters get discounts to our shows and events, plus access to our exclusive content and secret store in the Member Portal.


Most importantly, you'll be helping us plant fruit trees on local farms!

Members get exclusive benefits

From flavors to events, you won't be able to experience this anywhere else...

  • Members Only Access

    We host intimate experiences centered around local food and live music at some of the most beautiful gardens and farms in Atlanta that are only open to the Jam Fam.

  • Jams Just For You

    Only our Jam Fam can purchase Farmers Jam online, plus you'll get hidden merch offers that no one else can see. This year, we're planning mulberry dyed tank tops!

  • Discounts On Everything

    As a Jam Fam member, you'll get discounts to everything we do -- events, jams, merch, the works.

In addition to these benefits, you'll also be helping us plant fruit trees on local farms. Fruit trees are incredibly powerful. They provide a sustainable source of fresh, healthy food for 50+ years, food that turns into long-term revenue for farmers and habitat for bugs and birds. Fruit trees create oxygen and absorb carbon into the soil. By planting fruit trees on local farms, we:

  • Increase the supply of healthy local food
  • Create revenue streams for local farmers
  • Absorb carbon into the soil
  • Reduce food miles

In 2021, we gave away 50 fruit trees to ten local farmers. Join the Jam Fam and help us plant even more!

Our jams are delicious

But there's more to the story than just the flavor!

There's a whole lotta goodness in these jars.

  • Our ingredients are as organic and local as possible to reduce food miles, pesticide use, and get the most flavor. Designed by plant-based artist Chef Zu, our recipes are packed with nutrients and love.

  • Farmers Jam is technically a fruit spread, because we don't put enough sugar in our jars to qualify as a jam. The truth is, you don't need to add all that sugar when your ingredients are that good!

  • We use organic coconut sugar, which is low on the glycemic index. That means the sugar added to this jam won't cause your system to spike.. and inevitably crash. Parents, this note is for you!

  • Since we don't use a ton of sugar in our jam, it's usually easier to spread. In fact, we found that it makes a wonderful substitute for simple syrup in cocktails!

  • Long story short, we say our jams are Made With Love because we do everything we can to make this as delicious, healthy, and environmentally friendly as possible.

We believe in farmers

Here's six ways Farmers Jam supports the local food system

  • Buying local fruit

    We source our fruit as locally and organically as possible, generating revenue for the farmers who grow it.

  • Processing in North Georgia

    Our jam is prepared by a small business owner who produces value added products from local ingredients.

  • Market affiliates

    Farmer partners sell Farmers Jam through their farmers markets and keep a percentage of sales.

  • Supporting local nurseries

    The fruit trees we donate to local farms are grown by local nurseries which are critical to the supply of fruit trees in Georgia.

  • Donating fruit trees

    Farmers can apply to receive fruit trees from Farmers Jam, which can produce fresh fruit for over 50 years!

  • Join the band

    Growers or people who work in local food are invited to jam out with the Farmers Jam Band to relieve stress and meet some great people.

How we're spreading joy

Live Music

Live music brings people together. We host events at gardens, farms, local breweries, and unique art spaces that create one of a kind experiences.

Local Food

Farmers Jam is made with ingredients that are as local and organic as possible for maximum flavor and enjoyment. Chefs at our events work with local farmers to create delicious dishes.

Planting Trees

We donate a percentage of all our sales to the Fruit Tree Fund that helps us plant fruit trees on local farms so more people can experience the true joy of fresh fruit.

Join The Jam Fam

Join the Jam Fam today and we'll send you a free jar of Strawberry Lemonade Farmers Jam!


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